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SUD Life e-Wealth Royale

A Unit – Linked, Non-Participating, Individual Life Insurance Plan



Create your wealth along with life cover just by paying
You Give
You Get
@ 4% ---
@ 8% ---

0% premium allocation charge

Return of Mortality & Policy Administration Charges

Plan starts at just 5,000 p.m.
*Name as per ID proof like Aadhar,PAN etc
*Name as per ID proof like Aadhar,PAN etc

Key benefits of SUD Life e-Wealth Royale

2 Plan Options

Platinum and Platinum Plus

Return of Charges 4

No Premium Allocation charges. Return of Policy Administration charge at the end of 10th Policy Year and Return of Mortality charges at policy Maturity

Flexibility to withdraw money 1

You can partially withdraw the money as per your requirement after completion of 5th Policy Year.

Investment Strategy

Option to choose from 2 Investment Strategy i.e. Self-Managed and Age Based and 8 Fund Options i.e. Blue- Chip Equity Fund, Growth Plus Fund, Balanced Plus Fund, Mid Cap Fund, Income Fund, Gilt Fund, Dynamic Fund and Money Market Fund

Tax Benefits

Get tax benefits on maturity amount subject to Section 10(10D) and tax benefits on premium paid under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Option to increase Premium Payment Term and Policy Term

Why Choose SUD Life

21,613 Cr

Assets Under Management
as on Sep’23

1.26 Cr

Lives Covered as of

18,000 +

Distribution points as on

Source - Audited Financials as on Sep’23

How does the plan work?

Let us understand this with an example:

A 35-years old, healthy male opts for SUD Life e-Wealth Royale, Plan Option - Platinum & chooses 100% allocation in Blue Chip Fund. He chooses a monthly premium of 5,000 to be paid for 20 years (PPT) & a policy term of 20 years. Hence, total premium payable is 12,00,000.

Sum Assured will be 6,00,000.

On survival of the Life Assured till the end of the policy term, the fund value calculated at the NAV on the maturity date, will be paid along with Return of Charges.

+ These assumed rates of returns are not guaranteed, and they are not the upper or lower limits of what you might get back, as the value of the fund is dependent on a number of factors including future investment performance

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Frequently asked questions

What are the mininmum and maximum policy term available in this plan?
Minimum Policy Term Maximum Policy Term
PPT 5 years / 7 years/ Regular Premium - 10 years
PPT 10 Years – 15 years
40 years
(In case of Minor Life Assured, Max PT is 30 years – Entry Age)
What are the minimum and maximum premium payment term available in this plan?

You have an option to choose for limited pay or regular pay:

  • - For limited pay option, the premium payment term is limited to 5 years, 7 years and 10 years
  • - For regular pay option, the premium payment term is 10 years To 40 years or same as the policy term
    (In case of Minor Life Assured, Max PPT is 30 years – Entry Age)
How does the Plan Options work?

Policyholder will choose from either of the following options at the inception of the Policy. Once chosen it cannot be altered during the Policy Term.

  • A. Platinum – This option provides Life Cover to the Life Assured
  • B. Platinum Plus – This option provides Life Cover and Additional Risk Benefit in case of below described event:
    • (a)Where Life Assured is Minor on policy commencement date - No future premiums are required to be paid in case the Policyholder dies or suffers Total & Permanent Disability due to Accident (ATPD) during the PPT and premiums are yet to be paid under the Policy.
    • (b)Where Life Assured is Major on policy commencement date - No future premiums are required to be paid in case the Life Assured suffers Total & Permanent Disability due to Accident (ATPD) during the PPT and premiums are yet to be paid under the Policy.

In scenario (a) and (b) above, the policy will continue as Fully Paid-up and In-Force policy till the end of the Policy Term provided all due premiums before the incident have been paid.

What is Additional Risk Benefit and how it works in case of Plan Option Platinum Plus

An amount equal to the present value of future premium (if any) discounted at the rate of 5.5% per annum calculated on the date of above described event will be credited by the Company to the Fund Value. After the addition of these benefit, no future premiums are required to be paid and the policy will continue till Maturity or Death, whichever is earlier. Loyalty Additions, Wealth Booster Additions will be added as defined, policy will be treated as fully paid-up and inforce policy with deduction of relevant charges. For more information refer to the Sales Brochure.

What does partial withdrawal means?

Partial withdrawal is designed to meet your financial exigency or to provide the liquidity when you need at most such as buying new home, child’s education, saving for retirement or to meet day today expenses post retirement. This facility allows you to withdraw a pre-determined percentage of your fund value at regular interval. Partial withdrawals are allowed from 6th Policy Year onwards. Only first four partial withdrawals in a policy year are free of cost, additional withdrawals are charged @@ Rs.100/- per withdrawal. Unused partial withdrawals cannot be carried forward to future policy year(s).

How much premium I need to pay?

The minimum premium to start this plan is ? Rs.50, 000 p.a. and maximum premium is ? Rs.2,50,000 p.a..

At what age I can start and close this plan?

You can start this plan from any age between 0 Years (30 Days) to 55 years.

The minimum and maximum age at maturity is

Policy Term Platinum Platinum Plus
Life Assured Life Assured/Policyholder
10 – 14 50 Years 50 Years
15 – 40 55 Years 55 Years

Age is age last birthday.

When will I receive wealth boosters?

Wealth Booster* will be added to the fund by way of creation of extra units every 5th Policy Year starting from end of 10th Policy Year. Each Wealth Booster shall be equal to 3% of Average Fund Value of the last 24 months.

Wealth Boosters will be allocated among the funds in the same proportion as the value of total units held in each fund at the time of allocation. Wealth Booster will be added to the Fund Value at the end of respective Policy Year and once added will continue to form part of the Fund Value

Wealth Booster is not applicable in case of a Surrendered and Discontinued policy. Wealth Boosters will be added even if the Policy is reduced Paid-up or is in the Revival period. For more information refer to the Sales Brochure.