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SUD Life Century Gold - A promise of Golden Happiness

SUD Life Century Gold is a Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Savings Life Insurance plan that safeguards future saving with guaranteed returns & life cover protection. With our guaranteed maturity benefit, you are protected against volatility of market return.

Now invest just for years and get as guaranteed returns!
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This plan is right for you if:

Key benefits of SUD Life Century Gold

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit payable as lumpsum at the end of policy term

Accrued Guaranteed Addition payable at maturity1

2Death Benefit paid in 3 parts – Sum Assured on Death, Monthly Income benefit & Lumpsum Benefit

Why Choose SUD Life

21,613 Cr

Assets Under Management
as on Sep’23

1.26 Cr

Lives Covered as of

18,000 +

Distribution points as on

How does the plan work?

Let us understand this with an example:

Plan Option: Goal Sure

Mr. Rohit has opted SUD Life – Century Gold (Plan Option – Goal Sure). The details are as below
Life Assured Age - 35 years
Premium Frequency - Yearly
Policy Term - 20 years
Premium Paying Term - 10 years
Sum Assured on Death - 10,50,000
Annualised Premium - 1,00,000 (exclusive of applicable taxes)

On unfortunate death of Life assured during 7th policy year, nominee or beneficiary will get death benefit as:

Note: above example GA does not accrue, and Sum Assured on Death is highest as mentioned in the death benefit under this option.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the product category for SUD Life Century Gold?

This is a Non-linked, Non-participating, Individual Savings Life Insurance Plan

What are the Plan Options available?

Two Plan Options are available which are - a) Goal Sure; and b) Edu Sure

Why should I buy this product?

SUD Life Century Gold helps to plan and secure your long term future financial responsibilities like Child’s higher education, child’s marriage, buying a house etc. Also it helps in creating a corpus so that you and your spouse can enjoy a comfortable life, post retirement.

For how many years do I need to invest with this Plan?

You have a flexibility to choose your Premium Payment Term from 5, 6, 8 & 10 years.

What are the Policy terms available under this Plan?

Depending on the premium payment term, the policy term will vary. For PPT 5 & 6 years, the available policy term is 15, 16, 17 and 17 years. For PPT 8 & 10 years, PT is 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 years.

What are the Eligibility criteria under this plan?

Plan Option Goal Sure - Minimum age at entry 91 days, while maximum entry age is 55-60 years depending on the PPT chosen

Plan Option Edu Sure - Minimum age at entry is 18 years and maximum is 50 years.

Does this plan provides Income Tax Benefits?

Yes. Income tax benefits are available on premium paid and benefits received.

Can I withdraw any amount during the policy term?

Life Insurance policies are meant for planning and protection of long term financial responsibilities. However to meet financial emergency needs, Surrender facility is available.

What are the premium payment modes available?

You can pay your premium on any of the following frequencies Yearly/ Half – Yearly/ Quarterly /Monthly mode.

What is the Death benefit payable in case of Plan Option Goal Sure?

The death benefit payable is higher of Sum Assured on Death (10.5 times of Annualized Premium) plus or Plus Accrued Guaranteed Addition (GA), if any Plus Guaranteed Addition for year of Death, as if applicable or Surrender value as on date of death or Death Benefit (DB) Factor* Guaranteed maturity benefit (GMB).

The death benefit will be paid immediately and the policy will terminate.

What is the Death benefit payable in case of Plan Option Edu Sure?

Death Benefit shall be paid in three parts

Part 1 – Lumpsum Benefit payable immediately Sum Assured on death i.e. 10.5 times of Annualized Premium

Part 2 – Monthly Income Benefit @ 5% of annualized premium will be payable from the end of the month in which death has occurred till the end of the policy term

Part 3 – Lumpsum amount equivalent to Guaranteed Maturity Benefit i.e Sum Assured on Maturity + Guaranteed Additions

What are the Guaranteed Additions (GA)?

GA will accrue and be attached at the end of each policy years as detailed below till the end of the Policy Term and shall be calculated as % of Annualised Premium. Accrued GA shall be paid along with the maturity, surrender, or death benefit whichever is earlier. It will not accrue if your policy acquires reduce Paid-up status

Guaranteed Additions will accrue as per the table below:

PPT GA Start Year % of the Annualised Premium
Plan Option – Goal Sure Plan Option – Edu Sure
5 6 40% 30%
6 7 50% 40%
8 9 60% 50%
10 11 70% 60%

Guaranteed Additions is Multiple of Annualised Premium.

What is the Maturity Benefit payable?

On survival till the end of the policy term, Sum Assured on Maturity along with accrued Guaranteed Addition will be payable as per the Plan Option chosen

How is the Sum Assured on Maturity (SAM) calculated?

SAM depends on entry age, PPT, PT & Option Chosen. The same is calculated as the Multiple of SAM Factor and Annualized Premium.

What is the minimum annualized premium in Century Gold?

Minimum premium depends on premium payment term

PPT Annualized Premium
5 Years Rs. 300,000
6 Years Rs. 250,000
8 Years Rs. 150,000
10 Years Rs. 100,000
What is the Sum Assured on Death?

Sum Assured is 10.5 times the Annualized Premium

Alteration in premium payment frequency is available under this Plan?

During the Premium Payment Term, You have an option to alter/ change the premium payment frequency as available under the policy. This option can be exercised only on Policy Anniversary.